WOD 3/29/17

Swoll session on a half day


WOD 6/6

Partner KAREN Re-test :
For time:

150 wall ball shots 
– Each athlete needs to complete 150 wall ball shots (300 team total) in order to be done. 
– If the ball hits the ground, 2 burpees need to be completed before you can begin again. 
– hips to need to break parallel (90 degrees) when squatting… Or your bottom needs to touch the wall ball below you. 
– ball must hit target on wall or rig in order for it to count as a REP.  

Thursday 5/26 

For time : 
1 mile run
100 push ups 

200 sit ups 

300 air squats 
1 mile run
– 1 mile (4laps) must be completed before you can begin your 100-200-300
– you can break up the 100-200-300 however you want

– 10 rounds ( 10PU 20SU 30AS )

– 20 rounds ( 5PU 10SU 15AS )
– complete the last mile when you finish all the total reps 
– to scale it down cut the reps in half but the 1 mile in the beginning and end stays the same.